Young man who deciphered YouTube promises to send Bitcoin to the moon

One of the games of the Bitcoin community may soon become a reality.

A man known for „deciphering YouTube“ said in a recent live that he wants to send $1 million in Bitcoin to the moon. MrBeast is a young youtuber who has been very successful after studying the Youtube algorithm in depth.

With 52 million subscribers to YouTube, MrBeast is a phenomenon of Google’s social networking video. The young man started his studies to dedicate himself to the growth of his channel on YouTube and today he lives by producing content.

He is known for making extravagant videos, many associated with money. Some of his fans believe he is one of the first to adopt Bitcoin, something that has never been proven.
Even so, he owns many coins and should sell some soon.

MrBeast can send $1 million in Bitcoin to the moon, a rocket that leaves at the end of 2021.
In a video with supporters, MrBeast made a bold proposal. Anyone who Bitcoin Up pays $10 will be able to choose an item to send to the moon.

This is because MrBeast has bought space in a rocket in the last few days. He is recognized for his extravagances with money. With rocket space, the Astrobotic Moon mission, sponsored even by NASA, promises to take a MrBeast HD to the moon.

When asking his supporters what could be taken, one of MrBeast’s fans suggested putting Bitcoin on the HD. MrBeast, who followed the crypto market for a long time, liked the suggestion.

He said in the video that he should sell some of his coins soon and could put $1 million Bitcoin on the HD towards the moon. Considering the price of the Bitcoin today, it would give about 29 coins that could reach the lunar surface.
In the cryptomime community it is common to joke that the price of the Bitcoin will go to the moon („To the moon“). However, this would be the first case of a Bitcoin actually landing on the Earth’s only natural satellite.

Would Bitcoin really go on the space trip?
Some of MrBeast’s fans were suspicious of his proposal. One of them said he could spend in the future.

Another said Bitcoin would continue on Earth, as the trip would only take the Bitcoins password. It could be sent only the seed of the wallet or the private key, but the coins remain in the blockchain.

Despite the mistrust of his followers, MrBeast has recently returned to cryptomime coins. He had erased all the cryptomime content from his channel, but with the recent Bitcoin price rise he „resurfaced“ with the theme.

In any case, he is recognized as a YouTube scholar. By deciphering the secret of the most successful channels, he has over 52 million followers.

For comparison, the largest channel on YouTube Brazil today is KondZilla, with 63 million followers. With Bitcoin’s possible space travel, the community looks forward to whether MrBeast will actually deliver what he promised, in yet another bold bet.